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I started programming computers when I was 14 years old. My best friend’s brother was studying Pascal in highschool and we managed to get hold of a textbook from him. A whole new world opened up in front of us. I didn’t have a computer at that time, so i was writing Pascal code on paper.

Later I got into x86 Assembly, C, C++, Ruby (before Rails), Smalltalk. Mostly for fun.

I was a fan of Slackware Linux.

Then I started working professionally, in .NET.

And eventually got to Python, which turned out to be my favourite.

Since 2009 I’ve been working for various startups which I joined from the very beginning:

In 2018, I joined my friend Wang Chun on his adventure to build F2Pool. I did not know much about Bitcoin at the time, but soon enough I fell down the rabbit hole.

I am not looking for a job and I don’t have a CV. I’ve been coding professionally since I was 17 years old. Now I am only interested in working on Bitcoin related projects.