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Welcome to my small corner of the internet. Or home page. Permanently under construction, like myself.

About me

My name is Ioan (read Yi-wan) Bizău (read Bee-zau), aka Ionuț (read Yoh-noots).

I’ve been a programmer most of my life, working professionally since I was 17 years old. My latest interests are mostly around Bitcoin & the Lightning network.

I started CASA art retreat — a contemporary art space and rural retreat in Romania, in an old farm house I bought and restored.

I collect art. Mostly works by contemporary Romanian painters, but not exclusively so. I do however try to only buy art from living artists that I know personally.

I speak 6 languages (more or less) and I love writing.

I love playing music and I hope to one day record an album.

“Where are you from?” is a question that always confuses me.

I like to take things slowly. Not “visiting” a country, but rather moving there for a while. I prefer to travel by train and bicycle but I also love driving and riding motorbikes. I love visiting islands and I used to enjoy flying pre-2020.

As much as I loved programming as I grew up, I later realized that technology is just a means to an end. We should be building tools that help us live a better life in the physical world and help us build better communities. Technology for the sake of it is a waste of time.


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