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Hello, and welcome to my small corner of the internet. Or home page. Permanently under construction.

About me

My name is Ioan Bizău (read Yi-wan Bee-zau), but most people call me Ionuț (read Yoh-noots).

I’ve been a programmer most of my life. Since 2009 I’ve been working only for startups: App Annie, Triposo and F2Pool. My current interests in this field are mostly around Bitcoin.

In the last few years I’ve gotten more into music.

I can be everywhere, but I like to be in one place at the time.

I like to take things slowly. Not “visiting” a country, but rather moving there for a while. I prefer to travel by train and bicycle but I also like driving and riding motorbikes very much.

I like building physical things. As much as I liked programming as I grew up, I realized that technology is just a means to an end. We should be building tools that help us live a better life in the physical world and help us build better communities. Technology for the sake of it is a waste of time.

I speak 6 languages.

What I am doing now

See my “now” page.


Here are some of my current projects. You can also follow me on GitHub.



If you want to say hello, drop an email at hello@ibz.me.

If you want to say hi, use hi@ibz.me.

Also, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or follow me on Instagram.