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Humanity went from building and owning physical tools, such as scythes and axes, used to control physical resources, to building and owning immaterial tools such as text editors and sound synthesizers.

But immaterial resources are infinitely copyable therefore they cannot be controlled.

Bitcoin is the only immaterial resource backed by actual energy.

The tools used to control UTXOs are the Bitcoin nodes, similar to the way one uses a scythe to manage a grassland.

Without a node you are essentially borrowing somebody's scythe. While this might work well for many, it breaks down when there is a disagreement between the two parties about the way the scythe should be treated.

Bitcoin consensus is not about a "majority of nodes" making decisions for everybody in the same way as a majority of scythes can't decide which patches should be mowed when.

A tool is something you control, not something that can take decisions on its own.