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I like cycling long distance.

Korea 2011

In october-november 2011 I crossed South Korea by bicycle, from Incheon to Busan.

628km, 8 days of biking.

South Korea Cycling 2011

Yunnan & Laos 2012

In january-march 2012 I biked from Lijiang (in Yunnan province, China) to Vientiane (Laos).

2054km, 27 days of biking.

Yunnan & Laos Cycling 2012

Romania 2017

In august 2017 I biked from Iași in the north-east to Teiuș. My plan was to cross the whole country, but got stuck in this small town after 6 flat tires in 2 days, without any open shops to buy a new tire, so I jumped on a train instead.

763km, 12 days of biking.

Romania Cycling 2012