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What I was doing as of Sept 5th 2020


I came to Bali just before the pandemic started, planning to stay for around two months and set up a secondary base here, where I would come during the Romanian winters. But as events unfolded, it quickly became clear that if I leave I might not be able to come back for the next Romanian winter. So I decided to just stay here and focus on my Bali life, which turned out as a very good idea after all, since I really need more than a few months to do what I want to do here.


In August I left my job at f2pool.com so I can better focus on some projects of my own.

Casa de Cultură

As Casa de Cultură - my main project back in Romania - was now (apparently) on hold, since I was not there, I decided to give it a try and move forward with it anyway. Basically do what I can do online and on the phone and have other people be there and do the things I would normally do in person. It was a challenge both emotionally (since I had to let go of my desire to do everything myself and delegate my very dear project to other people) and logistically - but in the end we managed to move forward nicely. Now that the summer is almost over, the project will be more or less on hold again, but I am already thinking on how to move forward starting next year. Also, I am working on a sister project here in Bali - which although very different, is similar at the core.

World Music Instruments

Started prototyping some non-western musical instruments which I intend to manufacture here in Bali.


Since the demise of Google Reader, I always thought somebody would come up with an even better alternative, because the idea of following other people’s blogs using RSS feeds is so simple and so beautiful. I know there are many RSS readers still out there, but I didn’t find a clean and simple one, something that I would love using every day. Google Reader was close enough to my ideal, but even that could have been improved on. Then I had this idea that I could make a minimalist social network of sorts based on the idea of people following other people’s blogs using RSS. So far I have a very simple RSS reader, but eventually it will morph into something like that. And it will be all open source of course!

Edited on Sept 5th 2020 from Ubud, Bali.

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