my long distance biking trips

me elsewhere

hello, and welcome to my small corner of the internet!

ioan "ionut" bizau

i was born in cluj-napoca, transylvania, romania.

i moved to china when i was 22. mostly out of curiosity.

after more than 4 years in beijing, i left the city of smog on my bicycle to travel asia.

one year later i decided to settle in yogyakarta, indonesia

after one year in java, i bought an old farm house back in romania, in the beautiful banat highlands. been living there ever since. cutting wood to heat myself in the winter and getting online with a satellite connection.

i started programming computers when i was 14 years old. my best friend's brother was studying pascal in highschool and we managed to get hold of a textbook from him. a whole new world opened up in front of us. i didn't have a computer at that time, so i was writing pascal code on paper. later i got into x86 assembly, c, c++, linux. then .net. and eventually python. since 2009 i've been working only for startups, all of which i joined from the very beginning. appannie - it got big just after i left. triposo - it was sold to tui group. and now bitfish.